EU Antitrust Action Against Apple (AAPL) Over Apple Pay

EU Antitrust Action Against Apple

EU Antitrust Action Against Apple there will be “less innovation and fewer choices for customers” due to the “exclusionary impact.”

The European Union (EU) is increasing its antitrust examination of Apple Inc. (AAPL), with the digital wallet Apple Pay being a particular focus. As far as European authorities are concerned, Apple is stifling competition by denying its devices’ hardware and software access to competitors developing mobile wallet apps.

EU Antitrust Action Against Apple

Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s competition commissioner, said: “Apple has created a “closed ecosystem” for its iOS and hardware. Furthermore, Apple is in charge of regulating entry into this environment, making it difficult for competitors to access Apple users. Apple has unjustly protected its Apple Pay wallets from the competition by preventing anyone from using the system.”


EU antitrust authorities are investigating Apple Pay.

They allege that Apple is obstructing the creation of alternative mobile wallets compatible with iPhones.

As you would expect, Apple denies the claims.

Paying with Apple Causes Problems In The EU

According to European Union authorities, Apple Pay is the most popular mobile wallet that employs near-field communication (NFC) technology, in which a chip in a mobile device communicates wirelessly with a merchant’s payment terminal. They claim that since Apple has blocked access to this technology for other app developers, users have less innovation and fewer options when it comes to mobile wallets on iPhones.

iPhone Maker Apple Reacts:

According to Apple’s response, the company has “ensured equitable access to NFC while establishing industry-leading standards for privacy and security,” Apple Pay “is merely one of several choices accessible to European customers for making payments.” As for Apple’s part, the company said it “will continue to work with the [European] Commission to ensure European customers have access to the payment option of their choice in a safe and secure environment.”

Vestager has said that the EU is concerned about security but has found no evidence to suggest that the release of the API to other app developers will raise security concerns. She said that security considerations are not an adequate excuse for Apple’s actions.

The App Store Is Also Being Analyzed:

EU antitrust authorities are also investigating if Apple has broken any rules in the European Union’s (EU) music streaming sector. In particular, they are looking into Apple’s App Store’s allegedly discriminatory policies for competing businesses.

EU Antitrust Action Against Apple

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