Although April deliveries were down for Boeing (B.A.), they were up year-over-year.

April deliveries were down for Boeing

April deliveries were down for Boeing As supply chain delays and labor concerns persist, Boeing (B.A.) said on Tuesday, May 11, that it’s April aircraft deliveries were lower than the previous month.

Boeing delivered just 35 commercial planes in April, compared to 41 in March.

So far this year, the business has delivered fewer aircraft than its French competitor Airbus.

Due to supply chain interruptions and labor issues, aircraft manufacturers still have difficulties meeting delivery deadlines.

April deliveries were down for Boeing


Since May 2021, when authorities first voiced concerns about many production flaws, Boeing has not delivered any 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

The firm delivered 35 aircraft in April 2022, down from 41 in March but up from 17 in April of the previous year. The company has announced that it would relocate its corporate headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, Virginia. Meanwhile, April saw a decrease in Boeing’s gross orders from March’s 53 to April’s 46.

Contamination in the Delivery System:

Boeing has delivered 130 planes this year, while its French competitor Airbus SE (E.A.D.S.F.) has provided 188 jets in the same time frame. Although passenger traffic has returned to pre-pandemic levels, aircraft manufacturers continue to face headwinds from supply chain interruptions and labor issues.

Last week, during an earnings conference, Air Lease Corporation (A.L.) C.E.O. John Plueger remarked, “Both Airbus and Boeing are encountering significant difficulty in delivering aircraft on schedule, mostly due to supply chain and labor concerns.”

In April, Boeing delivered 28 of its newest and most advanced 737 MAX passenger planes, in addition to 3 777s, two 767s, an earlier 737, and a 747 freighter. Special deliveries included five M.A.X. planes to Irish low-cost airline Ryanair Holdings plc (R.Y.A.O.F.), four M.A.X. jets to Air Lease, and three M.A.X. jets to Southwest Airlines Co. (L.U.V.). The 747 freighters were delivered to U.P.S., major parcel transportation and logistics company.

After authorities flagged various production flaws in May 2021, Boeing has not delivered any of its popular 787 Dreamliner planes.

The Stoppage of 787 Dreamliner Shipments:

But in April, Simple Flying revealed that Boeing had secretly advised customers and suppliers that it expected to start Dreamliner handovers in the second part of 2022.

The expectations on Wall Street are much higher, with 11 of the 787 planes expected to be delivered to clients this quarter.

An increase in Boeing’s cargo business has helped mitigate the Dreamliner delay’s negative effects. Twenty-two of the company’s airlines has switched from passenger to freight service since the pandemic started, compared to only 12 years before the COVID-19 health catastrophe. In addition, Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C., the national airline of Qatar, placed an order in January for 50 of Boeing’s newest dual-aisle aircraft, the 777X (cargo variant), also known as the 777-8F. German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG (D.L.A.K.F.) announced it would buy seven planes.

April deliveries were down for Boeing

Boeing, a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), has seen its stock price fall by 34% since the beginning of the year and roughly 43% over the previous 12 months as the firm struggles to recover from a series of difficult years.

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