Apple (AAPL) Has Announced New Accessibility Features

New Accessibility Features

People with Disabilities Will Have Access To New Navigation, Health, and Communication Tools

Updates to Apple’s software will soon make it easier for people with different impairments to “browse, connect,

And get the most out of Apple devices,” the company said on May 17, 2022. The company claims it has made significant strides in hardware, software, and machine learning to bring about forthcoming improvements. Later in 2022, Apple will release upgrades to its various platforms that include these enhancements.

It is yet unknown how this may affect Apple’s bottom line.

However, at this time of increased political scrutiny focused on industry leaders, Apple’s image is likely to gain from enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities.

In addition to bolstering Apple’s image as an innovative industry frontrunner.

This move has the potential to establish further the company’s dominance in many crucial areas, including the schooling sector.


Apple has introduced several accessibility features to its software that will benefit those with sensory, motor, or cognitive limitations.

When they finally arrive in stores in 2022, they’ll be compatible with Apple’s iPhones, iPods, Macs, and Apple Watches.

Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired

With Door Detection, users with limited visual acuity or who are blind may utilize an iOS device to find their way the last few steps to their destination. When in an unfamiliar location, it may assist users in finding the next door and gauging how far away it is. If an entry is closed, Door Detection can tell you if you need to push, turn a knob, or pull a handle to open it. The Door Detection system can also read symbols and numbers on the door frame, such as a room number or an accessible entry emblem.

New Accessibility Features

Only iPhone and iPad devices equipped with a LiDAR scanner may use Door Detection. Features like “People Detection” and “Image Descriptions” are linked. To further aid Voice Over users in locating the beginning point for walking routes, Apple Maps will include audible and haptic feedback (i.e., touch signals such as vibration).

Intended Audience: People with Disabilities:

Apple Watch Mirroring allows users with physical or motor limitations to operate.

Their wearable device from their iPhone, allowing them to use assistive features like Voice Control and Switch Control.

The iPhone’s accessibility capabilities, such as Voice Control and Switch Control, will be used for this function.

Besides touching the screen, the Apple Watch will accept inputs such as voice commands, sound actions, head tracking, and external switches made for the iPhone. Simple hand movements also may be used to operate an Apple Watch.

Live Captions is available on iOS devices and computers for the hearing impaired. Apple is adding over 20 more languages and regions to its renowned screen reader Voice Over.

The purpose of Live Captions is to make it easier for consumers to follow along with any audio material.

This includes talking on the phone or via FaceTime, communicating using video conferencing software or social media.

Applications, sharing media files, or standing next to someone in person. The font size may be changed by the user as well.

The app can correctly credit each participant for contributing to the conversation if you’re using Live Captions on a FaceTime chat. Live Captions allows Macintosh users to write in their responses to calls and have them read aloud in real-time to the other people on the line.

Improvements Beyond the Basics:

By having several controllers drive the input for a single player, Buddy Controller enables a caretaker or friend to assist the user in playing a game.

New Accessibility Features

Users with speech impediments may now control the amount of time Siri pauses before replying with the help of Siri Pause Time.

The Spelling Mode with Voice Control enables users to dictate their spellings, one letter at a time.

A personalization option in Sound Recognition allows it to learn to identify noises unique to a user’s house.

Such as the ring of a certain alarm or doorbell or the hum of a particular appliance.

New layouts and personalization features.

Such as the ability to bold text and change line, character, and word spacing, are coming to the Apple Books app.


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